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Remain in Me

In the context of the Last Supper, the climactic moment of John’s Gospel, Jesus tells His disciples to “remain” in Him, as He “remains” in us. What does this mean, exactly? The Church describes this pivotal moment as the moment of Holy Communion, that unique time in which we are united perfectly to the person of Jesus Christ, in and through a shared meal of bread and wine. More so, however, is the idea that this moment happens continually, throughout time, at the celebration of the Mass. Whenever we come to the Lord’s Table to celebrate the Eucharist, we receive not just bread and wine, but Jesus’ very “Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity,” thereby joining our humanity with His in hope that this union with Him, this Holy Communion, grants eternal life. Hard to believe? You’re not alone! This series has been designed to facilitate greater learning about the Eucharist as “the source and summit of Christian life.” Please bring your curiosities, questions, concerns, and lived experience to our retreat.

Your presence is needed and welcome!

This retreat on the Eucharist is available in-person in the Parish Ministry Center or online via Zoom. $40, includes the bonus
In the Name of Jesus. Scholarships are available for those who are unable to pay. For more information,

RETREAT DATES: Fri Feb. 23; Fri Mar 1; Fri Mar 8; Fri Mar 15; Fri Mar 22.

TIME: Soup Supper: 6:30p; Program: 7–8:30p.

Register Now

The retreat fee is $40 for 5 weeks. You can register through the button below.

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