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Use the Sunday Missalette to the side of your Zoom window on your PC screen. Or use it on your smartphone for in-person or online Mass.

Open Missalette



In compliance with current Archdiocesan guidelines, there are no printed materials, paper handouts, missals or hymnals in church pews. Many people who join us online don't have access to a complete resource for use during Mass. This Sunday Missalette is provided as a full worship aid to assist everyone attending our liturgy either in-person or online. 


For those attending in-person:

You can access our Sunday Missalette while in church from our website using your smartphone, or use your smartphone camera to scan the QR Code posted at the entrance to the church when you arrive.

For those attending online:


You can access the Sunday Missalette via your computer or mobile device.


Use it in two ways:

  1. On your computer screen, reduce the width of your Zoom window. Display our Sunday Missalette in a new browser side window.

  2. While using your computer screen to view Zoom, use your smart phone to display the Sunday Missalette.

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